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Product Faculty's Vision

Dear Prospective Student,

Product Faculty was launched with the following vision:
Empower leaders with the Product Ethos required to excel in tomorrow’s economy.

Ten years ago, only 1 tech company made the Top 5 list of S&P 500. Today, all of them are tech companies called FAGMA: Facebook, Apple, Google, Microsoft & Amazon.

The common factor across all of these companies is that they are considered to be "high growth" companies.

They have demonstrated a continuous ability to innovate and create new markets despite their large size.

In the past, we use to think that only smaller, nimble start-ups could do this.

How has FAMGA made innovation into a process?

It's something I call having a Product Ethos.

Product Ethos is the culture, tools, process & mindset required to continuously find new viable markets or drastically re-invent your current business.

It's those individuals and organizations that adopt it that will be able to thrive in tomorrow's economy.

Thank you for your consideration and I hope to see you in our next cohort!

We’ve helped students accelerate
their product management career

by arming them with the skills and knowledge they need to reinvent organizations they work for both now and in the future.


About Us

Product Faculty's advanced Product Management Masterclass is a top-ranked, 8-week career accelerator for Product Managers with 1 - 3 years of experience.

Our LIVE Online class ensures that each student gets 1:1 support to master key concepts, so that they can apply the learnings in their product roles.

Depth is our differentiator. We pride ourselves in going beneath the surface to offer you advanced insights and methodologies.  Whether it’s product leadership or data science and user psychology, you’ll leave with skills you'll feel confident using.

The moment you sign up with Product Faculty, you’ll be part of a community of like-minded product professionals.  Each Masterclass is hand-picked to ensure that discussions are rich and curated and that you're surrounded by people who care about product as much as you.

Classes are offered part-time, on weekends to ensure they fit your work schedule.


Meet Our Product Faculty

Product Faculty has been named the #1 Product Management school by CourseReports and SwitchUp.org. Our instructors are testament to that. As well as having a deep understanding of the sector, they’re industry leaders, confident at translating their expertise to you.

Moe Ali

Chief Product Officer

Cameron Moore

Chief Product Officer (fmr)

Katie Cerar

Senior Product Lead

Niaz Ahmed

Product Leader @ Area 120

Moe Ali

Founder and CEO

Past Expert Speakers

Each class features product leaders from the world's top start-ups and scale-ups.

Marty Cagan

Partner & Founder

Avrum Laurie.

VP of Product

Yuhki Yamashita

VP of Product

Eran Ben-Ari

Chief Product Officer

Seema Lakhani

Chief Product Officer

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In the meanwhile as we process your application, you can check out some of our original frameworks designed by Product Faculty and used by the top 1% of PM’s who never want to stop learning and drive impact in their product strategy. Enjoy your read!

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