Product Faculty's Vision

Dear Prospective Student,

Product Faculty was launched with the following vision:
Empower leaders with the Product Ethos required to excel in tomorrow’s economy.

Ten years ago, only 1 tech company made the Top 5 list of S&P 500. Today, all of them are tech companies called FAGMA: Facebook, Apple, Google, Microsoft & Amazon.

The common factor across all of these companies is that they are considered to be "high growth" companies.

They have demonstrated a continuous ability to innovate and create new markets despite their large size.

In the past, we use to think that only smaller, nimble start-ups could do this.

How has FAMGA made innovation into a process?

It's something I call having a Product Ethos.

Product Ethos is the culture, tools, process & mindset required to continuously find new viable markets or drastically re-invent your current business.

It's those individuals and organizations that adopt it that will be able to thrive in tomorrow's economy.

Thank you for your consideration and I hope to see you in our next cohort!

Meet Our Faculty

Product Faculty has been named Canada’s highest-rated product training school. Our instructors are a testament to that. As well as having a deep understanding of the sector, they’re industry leaders, confident at translating their expertise to you.