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season 1
Bradley Horowitz, VP of Product, Google

Being a Great 0 to 1 Product Leader

october 7 | 32 mins

In this podcast, you’ll hear from Bradley Horowitz, a VP of Product at Google on what sets apart the best 0 to 1 PMs from the rest. We’ll also touch on how PMs can develop their long-term thinking skills by developing the ability to “write science fiction”. Imagining the future by moving beyond the edges and constraints that we are used to.

Shishir Mehrotra, CEO, Coda

Rituals of Great Product Teams

october 7 | 40 mins

In this podcast, you’ll hear from Shishir Mehrotra, the CEO of Coda. Shishir was an early employee and VP at YouTube, where he ran product, design and engineering teams. At YouTube, Shishir set an audacious goal of getting to 1 billion hours of watchtime, which was 2X the total bits on the entire internet. In 4 years,Youtube was able to achieve that goal. In this podcast we’ll go behind the scenes and learn about the power of Rituals during this time of Hyper Growth.

Surojit Chatterjee, CPO, Coinbase

Enabling Disruptive Technologies

october 7 | 21 mins

In this podcast, you’ll hear from Surojit Chatterjee, the Chief Product Officer of Coinbase. Our conversation today will focus on three themes: the role of product in enabling disruptive technologies, the core PM skill set, and navigating your product career. Let’s dig right in.

Scott Belsky, CPO, Adobe

The Messy Middle of Products, Companies and Career

october 7 | 20 mins

In this podcast, you’ll hear from Scott Belsky, the Chief Product Officer of Adobe. Scott strongly believes that as product leaders, we must develop the muscle of becoming resourceful over valuing resources. We’ll also look into one of the most successful transitions in corporate history that Adobe went through, while switching

Manik Gupta, CPO, Uber (fmr)

Innovation at Scale

June 24 | 32 mins

In this podcast, you'll hear from Manik Gupta, the former Chief Product Officer of Uber about what it takes to be a great Product Manager, why Product Leaders must adopt a Platform-thinking mindset if they want to be successful in capturing key trends and the importance of understanding product growth, even if you're not in that function.

Nikhyl Singhal, VP of Product, Facebook

Mastering Your Product Craft

June 24 | 32 mins

In this podcast, you'll hear from Nikhyl Singhal, VP of Product at Facebook who will talk about product innovation, product strategy and general career advice for Product Leaders. Nikhyl will touch on how the best Product Leaders are those that can "see around corners." They're able to anticipate the future based on key trends and take advantage of those trends for their product.

Kruti Patel Goyal, CPO, Etsy

Diversity & Inclusion in Product

June 24 | 32 mins

It’s no secret that diverse teams deliver better outcomes. At Etsy, Diversity isn’t just an initiative; it’s a core value and it’s this focus on D&I that has led the company to have some of the best stats in the tech world. In this podcast, you’ll hear from Kruti Patel Goyal the CPO at Etsy on a range of D&I initiatives Etsy is doing, from tactical things to systematically remove bias from their hiring process to tackling retention and growth of a diverse workforce once they are onboarded.

Marty Cagan, Founder, SVPG

Product Strategy, Discovery & Empowered Teams

June 24 | 32 mins

In this podcast, you'll hear from Marty Cagan on Product Strategy, Product Discovery, and empowered product teams. Marty will also break down a common myth that empowered product teams only work where you have the calibre of folks at companies like Google, Facebook, or Amazon.

It's not the calibre of people that make great empower teams; instead, it's strong coaching that product managers get at these companies that make them empowered. Empowered product teams don't need less management. They need better management. Let's dig in!

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