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Drive meaningful impact

"I would definetely recommend Product Faculty. It's the only advanced training I know of where you get to spar with experienced PMs in a Live classroom setting."
Sandy K.
Product Manager, Google
"The analysis and depth of the course made me internalize what a good product manager needs to do. I understand that now and now I aspire to that."
Tara A.
Product Manager, Affirm
"I loved the course content, which is really well organized. You've done a lot of hard work and it's easy to digest."
Risa G.
Product Manager, Intuit
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Gain confidence in your product craft

"The most important piece to this whole puzzle is the confidence. Product Faculty was able to provide that confidence and toolkit that I could use as I moved into different projects, and worked on different products."
Asfand M.
Product Manager, Lightspeed
"The program has brought method to madness. It has given me a great sense of confidence and very concrete tools to complement the work that I was already doing."
Andrea K.
Senior Product Owner, PC Financial
"I have a toolbox that I can bring to my team, who don't have a lot of product experience. It has made a major impact on my career."
Zeinab B.
Product Manager, Corus Entertainment
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Go from great operator to a strategic product leader

"Product Faculty has armed me with the right mindset to ask the right question to solve problems. It’s about understanding and poking holes to create a good solution and a roadmap to get there"
Justin L.
Technical Product Manager, CrowdRiff
"It changed my life. When I have a problem that I don’t know how to solve, I go back to course lessons. Inevitably, it triggers a whole new perspective."
Stephanie L.
Product Manager, Lululemon
"The guest speakers brought a lot of practical applications and a very simple understand of their practice and what they bring to the table."
Jaya G.
Product Owner, RBC
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Become a recruiter magnet

"Due to Product Faculty, I got a job in product management at Yelp. When I got the offer, I thought this is my dream come true."
Yi H.
Product Manager, Yelp
"The course let me stand on my two feet to explain best practices to my leadership team. That led to a senior product manager position."
Mo Q.
Director of Product, AutoVerify
"It has given me the tools to take the next step in my career. I don't know the next step but I feel ready for it."
Kyle C.
Product Manager, Bonfire Interactive
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Supportive community that's got your back

"The course definitely gave me confidence and a playbook that can follow. I have more knowledge about what I’m doing and why it’s important."
Murilo M.
Product Manager, Tim Hortons
"It made me enjoy my job more. Now I have this extra knowledge and I know the right way to do it, all I have to do is go do those things and reap the benefits."
Toby J.
Senior Product Manager, ParkMobile
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Allison S.
Senior PM, Loblaw Digital
"I particularly recommend this course for experienced product people who want to step up their practice while having the opportunity to collaborate on product problems that may be outside of the industry vertical or customer focus they work in. Huge fan of the APM program, and Moe is a great Instructor!"
Chinmaya M.
AI Product Manager, Microsoft
"Product Managers need to develop critically thought through opinions that require not only a deep understanding of the customer but a broad skillset to influence others to deliver a vision. Product Faculty's Advanced Product Management (APM™) course equipped me to navigate the field of product development confidently, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to hone their product skillset."
Jaz H.
Product Manager, eBay
"I took the 8 week Product Management course at Product Faculty and have very positive feedback for anyone looking to take the course. I will be happy to speak to anyone who's on the cusp of making this decision whether to go with Product Faculty as I looked at all the schools and what they offered in detail before picking Product Faculty. What set Product Faculty apart is having a dedicated full-time instructor with an incredible network, the advanced & engaging content; sense of community and hearing from world-class guest speakers from some of the best companies in the world such as Shopify, FreshBooks, Loblaw Digital, Google, etc. I would highly recommend this course to anyone considering it and I'd be happy to answer any questions anyone has."
Taha G.
Head of Product, Zalando SE
"As VP of Product, I use many of the tools I picked up at Product Faculty in my day-to-day work. Product Management is a complex and fast-evolving field. PMs wear many hats and need a variety of mental models, tools and  frameworks to excel in their careers. The APM™ program was unique in not only distilling decades of knowledge in product strategy, UX research, design, marketing, and development into compact learning modules, but also providing an opportunity to apply those learnings through real-life case studies, group exercises and 1:1 sessions."
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Jeremy S.
Director of Product, BenchSci
“The content of the course isn't static. It's a living syllabus that is constantly being refined so that it's extremely relevant and well-vetted. Moe goes through great pain's to curate this content specifically for aimed at experienced PMs. I sat with him many times to talk through very specific problems and discuss ways to apply product principles to my organization.”
Zeinab B.
Senior Product Manager, Corus Entertainment
“The Product Faculty team spent so much time paying attention to detail to every aspect of the course for the students. From the curriculum, to finding ways for every single person to connect and network with others; I would strongly recommend this course to any Product Manager looking to accelerate their career.”
Maria V.
Product Manager, EllisDon
"Prior to starting my career as a Product Manager, I worked in Talent Acquisition for 10 years. Before switching careers, I did the responsible thing. I did some free courses, and read all the “mandatory” books on Product Management. Three months into my Product Manager role, I was still confused about Product Management. I felt that I needed to know and learn more. I ended up reaching out to random PM's on Linkedin. More than one PM recommended Product Faculty. Upon researching the APM™ course at Product Faculty, I knew it was the right place for me. I loved that it offered an immersive experience. It was for 8 weeks, for 7 hours in class. I know this sounds intense, but this type of commitment speaks to the calibre of people, that are a part of this class. The people that make this community so special. The calibre of participants elevates groups discussions, in class activities, projects, educational material. I loved every minute of the "intense" days. If you considering a course that does not have guest speakers, time commitment, go read some articles online. In short, I loved this course, it provided me insights and knowledge beyond anything that I have hoped for. "
Michele M.
Product Manager, Pivotal Labs
“Hands down, this is the best Product Management course in Toronto! It’s comprehensive, hands-on, and provides tactical advice on how to bring your career to the next level. Being a PM for 3 years, I was looking to advance my PM skill set and get some coaching on how to advance my career. After comparing all of the Product Management courses, what stood out to me about this course was its advanced content, small class size and guest speakers.”
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Allen L.
Marketing Lead, Growth @ Flipp
"When I was looking for a product management course, I wasn't only looking for fundamental knowledge but also looking for some advanced PM skills education. Product faculty fits all my requests, and the skills I learned and the support I got was beyond my expectation. The course taught by Moe covers basic to advanced knowledge and skills you need as a Product Manager. Each week, the course will have a guest speaker; usually, a senior level product management personnel, to speak about what is it like to be a product manager in their industry and how do they solve problems daily. In all, Moe and the team did a fantastic job to make sure the course is valuable and can help the students. I enjoyed and learned a lot from this course."
Harshit J.
Operations Lead, Amazon
"Product Faculty gave me great hands-on learning experience, a network of peers equally passionate about product and a whole lot of confidence in my product skills. I have never received so much value from a classroom experience ever. Moe and team work very hard but more importantly, they've designed the course by putting the experienced PM's at the center. What stood out most to me? Moe and team's pro-activeness with asking for feedback on every class and making changes asap. It was so much learning and fun. I'm going to miss being in class!"
Dron S.
Product Manager, Walmart Labs
"I was looking for a PM course with great quality as the biggest priority. After taking a few mock classes and researching well about the various options available, I chose Product Faculty. And today post-graduating, I am surely very happy to have made this choice. The factors that genuinely set Product Faculty apart are (1) Course Content: it is well researched, fully updated and in-depth covering not just the basics but also covering the advanced strategic areas of product management); (2) Instructors: Moe + the specialized instructors who are the best in their respective areas of work teach the course; (3) Unique Practical Exercise and Project-Based Approach: the classes are not all lectures and presentation, infact majority consists of group exercises, collaborative solution oriented product tasks, road mapping, storyboarding - you name the area of PM and it is covered and (4) Cohort Mix: Students are very carefully chosen by Moe, after a round of informational interaction, which ensures that the quality and the industry-mix in the cohort is of very high quality. Thus, the above 4 pointers, quantitatively and qualitatively, definitely set this course apart. And I would happily recommend the course to anybody who may want to further his/her career in Product Management."
Jenna S.
Product Owner, Statflo
"I took multiple PM courses at more well-known schools, such as Brainstation. None were as comprehensive, hands-on, dynamic, and caring as Product Faculty.  Moe & his team go above and beyond to make sure students are set up for success even before the course begins. It's worth the investment and would recommend it to anyone."
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Kelechi U.
Product Manager, Datto
"The Product Faculty 8-weeks Advanced Product Management Program is second to none in my opinion. The course offers practical tools, frameworks and skills used by product managers at expert competence level. If you are someone who wants to develop a product mindset or a senior executive looking to transform your organization with a solid understanding of technology, product trends/opportunities, Moe and his team of product experts are able to genuinely connect on a level that instills valuable knowledge (and support) and ensures a holistic understating of product management with REAL examples. Having also participated in a product management program with a contemporary of the Product Faculty, I can confidently recommend this course to anyone who really wants to learn product or grow their craft. Thank you Product Faculty team!"
Jeesoo L.
Manager, Complex Care, Shoppers Drug Mart
"Product Faculty is suitable for both those experienced in the realm of product and those who are new (but familiar) with the space. I was able to obtain amazing insights from experienced leaders in the space and rapidly learn from hands-on workshops and assignments. Moe and staff were also able to take on (on their personal time) all the challenging career questions I had and offer up valuable advice that will definitely help in progressing my product career forward."
Umer F.
Product Manager, TVO
"As a product manager working in the field, I was looking for a program that can enhance my knowledge and teach me the frameworks and practices of Product Management. I am glad that I choose Product Faculty, as it turned out to be a very fulfilling experience. We were taught by Moe who has extensive professional and academic knowledge of the field. His method of teaching involved a mix of theory and hands-on exercises, this made the classes highly engaging. There were insightful peer discussions which were followed by a guest speaker from the industry; these speakers brought their unique skill-set and experience.  The program has a great support structure; Moe is always available to provide guidance and mentorship on a personal basis."
Priya B.
Product Manager, Human Made
"I was part of the Winter 2020 Cohort of Product Faculty. Besides wanting to get coached by the best Product Leaders in the industry, I was hoping to establish a strong network of product people. So glad to say Product Faculty totally delivered on all my expectations and is totally worth every penny I spent on the course. Like all other aspiring Product Leaders, I initially considered attending Product School or Brainstation but my partner who attended Product School had no network (there were only 6 students in his cohort including him) or guest speakers to boast of. And then I met some of Product Faulty’s alumni at various tech events in the city and they had only great things to say about Product Faculty and they weren't wrong. The course structure is elaborate and quite intensive for an 8 week programme because it equips you with all the tools, frameworks and topics you need to know as a Product Manager. Special mention to the lead instructor - Moe Ali - who goes above and beyond your course expectations and instills confidence that you got this! In a nutshell, Product Faculty checked all the boxes of what I was looking for in an Advanced Product Management (APM™) course."
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Alice W.
Product Manager, Kooltra
"I initially was going to take Brain Station's PM class since I had a scholarship there. However, unlike some other PM courses which are just a brief intro to PM, PF's contents are in-depth and cover all areas of knowledge a PM will possibly need in her career. The in-class activities and final presentations provide really good hands-on experience. The part I personally like the most is the guest speaker. They are all product leaders coming from the best tech companies in the city. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and think it is the best PM course available in the market!"
Anirudh G.
Senior Product Manager, Acerta
"Amazing, comprehensive product management course, taught by one the best product leaders in Canada. It was gruelling and intensive 8 week course that forced me to flex my product muscles in ways I had never done before. Would highly recommend to PMs looking to expand their skills."
Carlos F.
Senior Product Manager, ONTAB Inc.
"I must say that I am astonished by the Product Faculty course. When I enrolled in the program I was more attracted by the networking opportunity and to grow my connections, I wasn't so sure that the course would enlighten me with new knowledge because after 3 years as PM I thought that I had learned most the skills for the job, I was wrong, it turns out that I learned a lot. The teaching style that Moe and Sikandar applied was amazing since the beginning. Excellent content material, course infrastructure, amazing speakers; never thought had the opportunity to meet in person some of them. Be ready for the assignments they will push you, but they will make you a better PM and will make you think outside of your comfort zone."
Harman A.
Venture Capital, Verstra Ventures
"What I really liked about Moe's course was that in addition to his mind, he has put in a lot of heart to ensure that he creates an enriching experience for students. He is constantly innovating and keeps his eyes open for minutest of growth avenues to enhance learning opportunities for students."
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Anthony P.
Product Manager, NexJ Health
"As a product manager with a couple of years of PM experience, I was looking for a course that can enhance my knowledge and skill-sets to excel in the product management field. The course is comprehensive and very hands-on. I was able to quickly apply what I learnt in class to my workplace and began to see positive results. Furthermore, Moe and the rest of the staff are always available to provide guidance. I would highly recommend this course to aspiring and existing PMs without reservation!"
Elie Y.
Digital Product Manager, Statflo
"This is a one of a kind learning experience taught by passionate professionals in the field of product management. If you're looking to enhance your craft, I advise you to have a chat with Moe and strongly recommend taking this program. Quality, organization, and acute attention to detail is how like to describe the course. In addition to the content of the course, you'll find that the organizing team will do whatever it takes to make your learning journey optimal and without any doubt go the extra mile to support you all throughout those 2 months."
Saurabh P.
Senior Product Owner, Central 1
"I was part of the Summer 2019 cohort of Product Faculty. As I was doing research on various Product training programs, I came across this very targeted advanced course. I was little apprehensive in the beginning because as an experienced professional, I was looking for an exclusive program which prepares me for next 5-8 years in the industry. The Advanced Product Management (APM™) Masterclass exceeded my expectations in all respects! Moe is a veteran in the discipline of Product Management and has far more than few big names in the industry to validate his credentials. On the personal front, graduating from the course felt a part of the narrative that is pushing Toronto to forefront of technology in North America. Thanks Moe and team :)
Alvin P.
Cofounder, RemoteDials
"As a new Product Manager, I was looking for a course that would jumpstart my learning by covering product strategies, agile software development, stakeholder management, and the tactical elements of product management. Not only did Product Faculty provide the perfect balance on those topics, I was also able to get hands-on experience through creating projects with my classmates and getting feedback from Moe and other product leaders that were invited as guest speakers every week! Moe has been an awesome mentor to me and I've applied so many of his teachings to my current work. It was also great to be surrounded by smart and ambitious classmates as I was able to gain so many different perspectives that has made me a stronger PM today."
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Amit P.
Product Manager, Tarrison Ltd.
"At first, Moe’s class just seemed like every other Product Management class, but its not. He has put together a program that not only will teach you advanced Product Management but help you develop a product mindset. I was one of those people who thought “you can do this on your own”, its possible, but the material, the guest speakers, the in-class activities to the Dragon’s Den style project presentation helps you gain deeper knowledge not attainable on your own. We had many great guest speakers, all shared valuable experiences which amazed all of us and kept us wanting to hear more. Moe’s team is there to help and make sure you’re confident to move forward in your career!"
Austin W.
Product Manager, ATB Financial
"The classroom environment encouraged discussions and in-depth conversation around a wide range of Product related topics. Moe’s extensive product knowledge, along with a variety of guest speakers, enhanced the experience and provided useful insights from industry veterans. If you are looking to further advance your career in Product, I highly recommend Product Faculty as your next step!"

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