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Stephanie L.
Product Manager, Lululemon
Tara A.
Product Manager, Affirm
Risa G.
Senior Product Manager, Intuit

During our 7-week Advanced Product Management Course, you will learn:

Week 1

PM Foundation, Product Strategy & Retention

Good product strategy is about making trade-offs that align with your vision; we will delve into a commonly used strategy framework to help you make the right trade-off decisions. We'll also get a deep understanding of Retention as being a prerequisite to product growth.

Week 2

Product-Market Fit & Developing Roadmaps

We will explore how to validate your business idea using lean approaches, as well as, walk through a roadmapping process that drives meaningful progress. We will cover 4 steps in the roadmapping process in detail; collecting inputs, prioritizing inputs, creating a roadmap and communicating a roadmap.

Week 3

Product Design, Discovery & Delivery

In this module, we deep-dive into each element, breaking down the science of doing both, along with sharing real-life examples. In the Product Delivery module, we will cover Agile delivery best practices and how they differ from large organizations to start-ups.

Week 4

Product Growth & Metrics That Matter

In Product Growth, we'll deep-dive into various growth models and explore how the top B2B and B2C companies in the world grow. In a world with limited customers, talent and mindshare, companies that employ exponential growth strategies will win in the long-run.

Week 5

User Psychology & Experimentation

You'll lean proven psychological frameworks that will help you understand user behavior, and how to influence decisions. More than 50% of features we build will fail. Experimentation is a prerequisite for product-led organizations that want to be relevant for years to come.

Week 6

Key Technical Skills for PMs

In the Tech-skills module, we'll deep dive into most common technical concepts and technologies that PMs need to know, making you more confident in your interactions with Engineering. We'll cover everything from front/back-end technologies to database type, API's and technical architecture.

Week 7

Final Student Presentations & Award Ceremony

The Final Class will showcase the Demo Day; a culmination of 8 weeks of intense learning, team collaboration and hard-work by all students. We will invite Product Leaders from leading startups to judge the presentations of students. We'll end the day with a fireside chat with the judges.

The course gave me a playbook that I can follow for any changes or new features.

Murilo Mello
Product Manager, TIm Hortons
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Our original frameworks designed by Product Faculty.

Our frameworks designed by Product Faculty are used by the top 1% of PM's who never want to stop learning and drive impact for their customers and company.

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Learn about our Corporate Training Programs