Faculty Announcement

June 3, 2021

We are excited to announce the appointment of three new Faculty members to empower Product Managers and Leaders to drive massive impact for their customers, companies and society:

  • Giff Constable, CPO at Meetup (fmr)
  • Eric Weber, Head of Experimentation & Metrics Research at Yelp
  • Rahim Daya, Head of Product — International at Pinterest
Traditional product training is broken.

Most product training institutions have over-indexed on marketing and scale, not quality of education. They have scaled to grow with a single-instructor model, at the cost of quality of education.

The result? Students spend thousands of dollars, sometimes tens of thousands of dollars on “Product Leadership” certificates and the like, that barely translate to personal or professional growth. You shouldn’t need to spend tens of thousands of dollars on multiple certificates to get quality product education or become a “Product Leader”.

The single-instructor model is dead. The future of product education is specialized.

It’s impossible to expect one instructor to have the depth of experience to be able to teach everything required to be a great Product leader, from Strategy, Discovery, Experimentation, Product Leadership to Growth and more. This is why at Product Faculty, we have a multiple-instructor model, where world-class Product leaders who are deep experts in their product domain, teach each module, 100% Live in one single end-to-end, high-quality course (no extras, no unnecessary frills).

Product Management is Unique. Coaching is Paramount.

Product Management is very different depending on the type of PM you are: B2B, B2C, Internal, B2B2C, FinTech, HealthTech… and so on. Although a lot of the differences are covered through the curriculum, we believe that some of the nuances can only be addressed through 1:1 coaching, in an environment where you feel safe to ask questions about your toughest challenges and get them answered right away.

At Product Faculty, we offer weekly Office Hours outside of class that help you go deep in your biggest challenges and the impact of this is clear:

“This course has changed by life.” — PM at B2C Company

“Thanks to Product Faculty’s Program, I got promoted shortly after graduation - with a 25% increase in my salary!” — Senior PM at B2B SaaS

“I was promoted to a Director of Product within months after graduation” — Director of Product at AutoTech Company

“I feel significantly more confident in my ability to apply Product Strategy” — Senior PM at B2C Company

The Future of Product Management is bright.

Software is eating the world and as Product Leaders, we have an obligation to not just create useful products, but to do so in a responsible way.

We invite you to join us on this movement to make a massive impact for your customers, company, society and the world. Check out our program here.

Hear from Our Newest Faculty.

Rahim Daya
Head of Product
Eric Weber
Head of Metrics & Experimentation
Moe Ali
Founder & CEO